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Founded in 1988, James V. Rizzo & Company, LLP is a nationally recognized accounting, tax and business consulting firm, located in the heart of downtown Frederick, Maryland with additional offices in Washington, D.C. and Miami Beach, Florida. Our practice offers a broad range of both tax and business services that expertly meet our clients professional, business and personal needs. We are a professional organization that accomplishes outstanding client service, a focus on family and the financial success of the firm.

Our Philosophy

At James V. Rizzo & Company, LLP we create a culture of pride and enthusiasm that will enable us to continue to provide the best and brightest professionals to service our clients.

Our Process

Our firm features concentrated areas of expertise and understanding of the ever-changing tax, accounting, and economic environment. We have the ability to be innovative in our approach, all while acting quickly in our decision-making and in our delivery of services.

Our Solutions

Our clients benefit from hands-on interactions, technical expertise and our understanding of their personal and business needs. Clients have the advantage of working with a smaller-sized accounting firm that combines the resources of a large firm with a personal commitment to meet each challenge.

Our Services

Tax and business services

Business Consulting

Starting or maintaining a profitable business can be a daunting task. Even the savviest business owners might need our expertise now and then. Our professionals can answer your most basic or most complex financial questions.

Strategic Planing

Financial planning can be complex and it requires the right team of professionals and experts who can develop the right plan for your business. James V. Rizzo & Co. will help you formulate a plan to achieve your long-term goals.


We take time to meet with each client.  We explain their current business profit picture along with the timely completion of and reviewing of financials and tax forms relating to business, personal, & estate taxes and more.

Business Management

At James V. Rizzo & Co., our primary function is to help your business thrive. Our professionals and business managers can assist you with budgeting, managing risk, planning, strategizing, and more.

Tax Service and preparation

At James V. Rizzo & Co., we stay in contact with you throughout the year to discuss tax planning issues, profit concerns, tax-saving strategies, projections, and more.

Estate Planning

No matter how big or small your estate may be, we can help you ensure that your estate plan minimizes the taxes and maximizes the portion of your estate that will be passed down to your beneficiaries and keep your legacy flowing.


Why Choose Us

We make accounting and tax management something you can understand!

Cash Flow Management

Tracking how much money is coming in and out of your business can help you spot trends, prepare for the future, and analyze your cash flow. It pays to practice cash flow management often to make sure your business has enough resources to reach its goals.

Business Valuations

Are you thinking of selling your company? Hiring an independent firm to determine the economic value of your business is an important step in the process. Business Valuations  can also be helpful when transferring ownership, establishing partner ownership, tax strategies, and more.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Our professionals can work with a team of attorneys, investment bankers and business executives to guide your company through the merger or acquisition process. We can provide you with the following: valuation and appraisal assistance, performing industry analyses, preparing financing documents, and more.

Financing and Profitability

Whether you need a loan to get your business started or to make a major purchase or fund an expansion, you will need to make the case to your potential lender that your business is a viable financial risk. Our professionals can assist you in gathering the necessary information, investigating and providing various funding sources, and completing the complex loan application.

Individual Returns

Tax law is ever-changing, and often complicated and confusing. JVR & Co. offers advice and assists individuals in tax preparation and filing their tax returns. We can save you time and money.

Audit Representation

James V. Rizzo & Co. will represent you should you be faced with an audit by the IRS or state agencies or provide you with advice to mitigate practices that would trigger an audit in the future.


Business Returns

James V. Rizzo & Company can help you analyze your financial records, and choose the correct structure for your business. We understand the ins and out of tax law, helping you avoid costly errors and maximize your tax savings.

Risk Management

Poor management practices, such as risky investments and misallocations of resources, can greatly affect the level of a company’s financial risk. Our professionals can play a role in designing, planning, implementing, executing and even monitoring risk managing activities and programs.


Satisfied Clients

What our clients are saying.

“Jim Rizzo and his team have provided me and my company with superb tax, accounting and financial services for over 20 years. Jim not only has a rock solid understanding of the complexities of the US tax code, for individuals, families, and professional corporations, but he also stays on top of changes and will research unique tax questions.... His advice is practical and forward looking. Jim brings a wealth of understanding of the business world, finance, real estate and investment to his tax planning. Jim is a respectful but strong advocate for his clients before tax agencies. He has a track record of winning. In today's unpredictable tax environment, James V. Rizzo & Company offers disciplined, responsive, accurate and professional support along with much needed humor."

Gordon B. Schatz 

President, Schatz Reimbursement Strategies, LLC

“I have known Jim for over 30 years. What has always set him apart from others is that “knows” taxes and understands complex business transactions.... And the corollary is that he has such an extensive business background, he is able to view complicated business matters and break them down to achieve the best results for his clients. As examples, I have dealt with Jim with regard to complex Trust taxation issues, and his defense of a client against erroneous IRS positions in a tax audit in a very specialized area. He does not “do” taxes, he “knows” taxes.... When the IRS specialty auditors misapplied the Tax Code, Jim corrected them (as only he can) and then explained to them how his client was due additional refunds. If you need a “partner/advisor” to make your business more successful, or to advise you on personal business matters to achieve your goals and maximize your returns, there is no one other than Jim that I would recommend with absolutely no reservations.”

Greg Zakarian

Partner, International CPA Firm  


“James V. Rizzo & Company, LLP have been my accountants for over ten years. Not only are they professional, courteous, knowledgeable but also offer excellent business expertise with my small businesses. They were very helpful with my personal taxes and have come to rely on their suggestions without hesitation. They make me feel like I'm their only client, I am very happy and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a accounting firm who pays attention to detail and your individual needs."

Andrew Bove

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